Tiga Tjeret Cafe, Combines Wedangan with Urban Concept

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Wedangan is known as not only eatery but also a place to meet and to make conversation. The laid back public space inspired Crist Conny and his 14 friends to build Tiga Tjeret Cafe at Jalan Ronggowarsito 97, Ngarsopuro, Solo. “All the menu here are just like wedangan. However, we packed it along with room layout and building that represented urban concept,” Conny said.

The cafe that was only launch in December last year served some drinks and food particularly like wedangan. In between those menus, wedang Tiga Tjeret that was made from galingale, orange and ginger mixed with three kinds of sugar, which were cane sugar, brown sugar, and lump sugar is their special drinks. “There are many to be chosen if it is about food. From nasi bungkus to our popular bothok telor asin Tiga Tjeret,” Conny explained. Price for one serving of wedang Tiga Tjeret and bothok telor asin Tiga Tjeret is IDR 6,000 each.

Food and drink in Tiga Tjeret Cafe had affordable prices.

Food and drink in Tiga Tjeret Cafe had affordable prices.

Beverages prices in Tiga Tjeret Cafe are varied from IDR 3,000 to IDR 6,000 while their food is varied from IDR 1,000 to IDR 7,000. “The first glance would probably leave an expensive impression. However, actually with only IDR 10,000 you can get many kinds of menus,” Conny said.

Conny promotes Tiga Tjeret Cafe through electronic media like radio station and local television and through social media like Twitter and Facebook. “Even though we had our own account in Twitter and Facebook, our promotion is mostly coming from our visitors on their own account,” Conny continued. Through the promotion, the market target that used to be young adults was shifted to family and Conny had admitted that their monthly turnover is way over their mark.

The ambiance inside Tiga Tjeret Cafe that was bustling with visitors.

The ambiance inside Tiga Tjeret Cafe that was bustling with visitors.

Tiga Tjeret Cafe opens from 10.00 AM to 01.00 AM every day and divided into two sessions with two different sets of menu. From 10.00 AM to 04.00 PM, the menu sets are chicken kremes, catfish kremes, snapper kremes, pecel madiun and nasi timbel. After 04.00 PM, the menu will be changed to wedangan menu. “Even though we should be closed at one in the morning but usually at ten in the evening we need to close down because we ran out of food to serve,” Conny explained.

Tiga Tjeret Cafe, Conny admitted, mostly crowded out at prime time that was from 07.00 PM to 09.00 PM. “I suggest for visitors to come before seven in the evening so you can get a table,” he closed off.

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